This Sunday Oct. 15 we are hosting a Meat Shoot. There is no Federation Shoot this Sunday. The Perky Valley Federation Shoot was moved back to Oct. 29 . Make sure you make a note of that. We had our Fall Outing on Sept. 30th. It was not well attended but everyone who showed up had great food and a good time. We will try to schedule this outing earlier next year and see if that is better. The Pig was GREAT and the Corn was out of this world. The league has started so if you haven’t made one yet get busy. You have to make one of the first four shoots for your scores to count for the club. Come on out it’s fun shooting at other clubs.

We have some members who are going thru some tough times so keep Karen Sabo, Ed DeLong and Jim Hickie in your prayers. Bob Griffith had his back operated on and is coming along nicely. Bill Roache will be 90 years young on Oct. 20th so when you see him let him know he is a special guy. Just don’t let your wife or girl friend get too close to him.

I want to thank Walt Newruck, Barry Walker, Gary White, Chick Chain, Ed DeLong, Bob Griffith, and Chuck Hexter for their help at the Harry Shoots and Thursday work days. We have other members who show up and help also but these guys are always there. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry.

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