Sorry I’m late. On June 25, 2017 we hosted our Annual Memorial Shoot at LMRGC. We had 19 shooters that shot the 100 bird shoot. A Class had 2 shooters with a score of 98 and they were Joe DiPollo and Mark Betzko. Class B was won by Chick Chain with a score of 91. Class C had 4 Shooters with a score of 87 and they were John L, Ray Bolton, Nick Mileg, and Joe Lawless. That meant that we went to a shoot-off. 2 shooters in C Class we not there so they forfeited. Mark Betzko , Joe DiPollo, Nick Mileg, and Joe Lawless went back up to the line for a 25 bird shoot off. Nick Mileg was a little nervous because he was shooting off against his grandfather who was also his ride home. I assured him that someone would make sure he got home safe. It was a lot of fun and here are your winners for the 2017 Memorial Shoot

Class A Mark Betzko
Class B Chick Chain
Class C Nick Mileg

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