Club Championship Shoot

On May7th we held our annual 100 bird Championship Shoot at the club. We had 17 shooters sign up and shoot the program. When the dust settled we had our winners. Class A was won by Barry Walker with a 96 . Class B was a 2 way tie between Bruce Mc Michael and John Chain. Class C was a 3 way tie between Paul Gable, Jeff Millant, and Rob DeCaro. We then proceeded to a 25 bird shoot off. At the end of 25 birds Class C winner was decided and Class B was still tied up. Class C went this way- Jeff Millant with a 19 Paul Gable with a 20 Rob DeCaro with a 21 Winner Class C Rob DeCaro. Bruce and John went back up to the line for a sudden death shoot. With the gallery hooting and making loud encouragements to the shooters ( LMRGC is the ONLY place you can shoot 16 yard handicap targets ) They went to the 20th target before Bruce dropped a target. Class B winner John Chain. Final results Class A with a 96 Barry Walker. Class B with a 87 John Chain Class C with a 77 Rob DeCaro

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