Rules and Regulations

The use of the club grounds are restricted to Members in Good Standing and their guests.  All guests Must be accompanied by a member while using the club.

Everyone must exercise Common Sense at all times

All guns MUST be kept open and unloaded except when hunting or on the firing line.

All persons must wear a Blaze Orange  hat while hunting or running a dog during hunting season.

The trap fields are open on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month and when a league shoot is sceduled by the Managing Board. The trap fields can be opened on other days when authorized, in advance, by the Managing Board.

The Shooting Range is open for use on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month after 11 am. The shooting range is also open any time there is an organized shoot in progress and during hunting season. The range is closed during the Sring and Fall Outings.

The Shooting Range is restricted to Senior Members in good standing and their guests.  Any guest using the range Must be accompanied by a Senior Member.

Members using the range Must sign in at the Club House prior to going to the range.

The use of Automatic Firearms or any Firearm that can be converted to automatic is Strictly Forbidden.

The use of Motorized vehicles on the club grounds is forbidden. This restriction includes snowmobiles, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, and any other off road vehicle.  Exceptions are for work vehicles being used for maintenance and for a handicapped member while hunting and this member must obtain written permission from the Managing Board prior to the current hunting season.

Everyone Must obey all Penna. Game Laws. Anyone breaking Pa Game Laws or Club rules will be dealt with.  This could include losing privileges and membership.

You Must have a current hunting permit, issued by the club, to hunt our grounds.  No guest permits for deer season.  Guest permits can be purchased by a Senior Member prior to hunting.

The club does not stock the club with birds.  If you are going to hunt the club please make arrangements for your own birds. Information on buying and stocking birds can be obtained by contacting a Board Member at any meeting or club shoot.

Safety At All Times!!!!  Only 2 parties of six can hunt small game on the grounds at one time.  One on each side of the road.  If there are more than 2 parties or more than 12 people some members are going to have to wait or hunt somewhere else.  If these parties can not agree on a solution then first come first served.  If a party has purchased  birds and have put them in the field  then they have that area until they are done.  Please remember we are Sportsmen and Sportswomen.

Any member violating these rules, Pa. Game rules, or any Federal laws run the risk of losing club privileges and membership.

All new shooters, regardless of age, must view our safety video before using the trap fields or firing ranges and then they must be with an experienced shooter while using the facilities until the club is satisfied with their skills.

All shooters must wear eye and ear protection while on any of the trap fields or firing lines.


All weapons must be open and unloaded at all times except when on the firing line.

No aiming or pointing of any firearm except on the firing line and firearms shall always be pointed in a safe direction.

Eye and ear protection must be worn while on the firing line and while shooting.

All first time or inexperienced shooters must tell the person at the sign up counter and indicate their extent of firearms experience if any. Inexperienced and young shooters under age 18 must be supervised until they have fired a minimum of 100 shots  ( 4 rounds of 25 ).

All new shooters must have a safety briefing before shooting anywhere at the club with a range officer, experienced club member or other properly trained designated individual prior to going on any firing line and handling a firearm.

Do not load more than one ( 1 ) round at a time, unless shooting a doubles event.

Do not move to the next station until all shooters have finished firing.

When changing stations, the gun MUST be unloaded with the action open and gun pointed down range.

No conversations or distractions are permitted by shooters or non-shooters, beyond the 27 yard line during a shooting event.  ( Includes all shooters and score keepers ).

Shooters remain on the firing line until all shooting has ceased.

During all league and meat shoots, alcohol is limited to parking areas and club house.

All shooters shall abide by the National Rifle Assoc. gun safety rules as outlined in the NRA’s Education & Training Program and all local, state, and federal laws.

Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in the violator being escorted off the property and grounds of the Lower Merion Rod and Gun Club along with additional sanctions as administered by the Board of Directors or Law Enforcement officials.