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Table of Contents:

  1. Article I – Name
  2. Article II – Purpose
  3. Article III – Duration
  4. Article IV – Directors and Officers
  5. Article V – Management
  6. Article VI – Duty of Officers
  7. Article VII – Elections
  8. Article VIII – Committees
  9. Article IX – Membership and Dues
  10. Article X – Junior Membership
  11. Article XI – Meetings
  12. Article XII – Amendments to By-Laws
  13. Article XIII – Delegates
  14. Article XIV – Property and Equipment


The name of this organization shall be the LOWER MERION ROD AND GUN CLUB, as incorporated August 16, 1936.

ARTICLE II – Purpose

The purpose for which this organization is formed is to support and maintain a club for: preservation, protection and propagation of game and fish; encouragement of fishing, hunting and marksmanship; development of good sportsmanship in field and stream; conservation of our natural resources; advancement of educational programs to further the aforesaid purposes; and social enjoyment of this organization’s members.

ARTICLE III – Duration

The corporation shall exist perpetually and shall exercise all the powers and means necessary or essential to affect the purpose for which it was formed.

ARTICLE IV – Directors and Officers

There shall be fifteen (15) Directors, who shall constitute the Managing Board, Certain of the Directors shall hold the offices of President; First, Second, and Third Vice-President; Secretary; Treasurer; and Field Captain.

ARTICLE V – Management

Section 1. The management of the affairs of this organization shall reside in a Managing Board, which shall consist of the officers and directors as enumerated in Article IV; and a majority vote of those attending a meeting shall be sufficient authority for their acts.

Section 2. Seven members of the Managing Board in attendance at a meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. The managing Board shall have the power to fill any vacancy in any office whatsoever and to remove any officer, committee chairman or club member whenever, in judgment of the Managing Board, the best interest of the Club will be served thereby.

ARTICLE VI – Duty of Officers

Section 1.  President. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Club and the Managing Board.  It shall be his duty to appoint all permanent and temporary committee chairmen, which appointments shall be subject to approval of the Managing Board.

Section 2.  First, Second and Third Vice-Presidents. It shall be the duty of the three Vice-Presidents to assist the President.  It shall be the duty of the First, Second or Third Vice-President (in that order) in the absence of the President to assume and exercise all the duties of the President.

Section 3.  Secretary. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:  keep minutes of all meetings of the organization, including those of the Managing Board; keep accurate records in permanent form of all business transactions of the organization; take care of the correspondence of the organization; main notices of all meetings and other Club activities; keep a register of all members; issue membership cards to paid members in December of each year, i.e., one month before the annual January meeting they are due and payable; collect all dues and initiation fees, remit them to the Treasurer and obtain a receipt therefor; and keep the seal of the Club and affix it to membership cards and to any papers or documents that may from time to time require said seal.

Section 4.  Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:  receive all monies belonging to the organization; keep accurate accounts of all monies received by him for the organization; deposit said monies in the name of the Club in such bank as shall be designated by the Managing Board; and pay only bills that are approved by the Managing Board.  All organization checks shall be signed by the Secretary or the Treasurer, and in the absence of the Secretary, the President shall be a signer.  The Treasurer shall furnish a surety bond for the faithful performance of his duties at the expense of the Club, in an amount and with a bonding company approved by the Managing Board.  At all meetings of the organization he shall present a statement of the financial condition of the organization, listing receipts and disbursements.  At the end of each fiscal year he shall submit a financial statement, showing the year’s receipts, disbursements and final cash balance as well as the organization’s assets and liabilities.  Upon retirement from office, he shall turn over to his successor or to the President all funds and records in his possession pertaining to his office.

Section 5.  Field Captain. It shall be the duty of the Field Captain to coordinate the activities of the various committees under the respective committee chairmen for all general outings of the organization.  It shall be his duty, in advance of all general activities or functions of the Club, to call whatever meetings of the various committees that shall be necessary relative to procurement of materials, prizes, equipment, etc., in order to make certain that each and every activity will be followed through to a successful conclusion.

ARTICLE VII – Elections

Section 1. All Directors to be elected, including those who hold the offices enumerated in Article IV shall be nominated at the December meeting and elected at the January meeting of each year.

Section 2. The Directors who are also designated as officers shall be elected for one year.

Section 3. Eight Directors shall be elected for terms of two years, four to be elected each year.

ARTICLE VIII – Committees

Section 1. There shall be as many committees as the President and the Managing Board deem necessary to carry out the objectives of the Club.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Managing Board to outline the duties of each committee chairman at the time of his appointment.

Section 3. Committee chairmen shall report progress at the meetings of the Managing Board and the Club.

ARTICLE IX – Membership and Dues

Section 1. Membership in the Club shall consist of sportsmen and sportswomen who desire to associate themselves for the purposes of the Club as enumerated in Article II.

Section 2. There shall be a senior and junior membership with a maximum of 140 senior members and 35 junior members.  In case junior members become senior members as provided in Article X at a time when the maximum for senior members has been reached, such maximum for senior members shall be increased temporarily to accommodate such former junior members, and no additional senior members shall be elected until the senior membership is again below the maximum of 140.  Upon signing the Club’s application for membership and the Club pledge (on the reverse side of the application), any American citizen over the age of eighteen (18) may be admitted into senior membership.  Upon signing said application and pledge and securing the signature of parent or guardian thereon, any American citizen between fourteen (14) and eighteen (18) years of age may be admitted into junior membership and, if admitted, shall enjoy all the privileges of senior members except as otherwise herein provided.

Section 3. Admission to membership shall be upon the sponsorship in writing of two members in good standing, to be submitted to the Secretary, who shall present the application to the Membership Committee to be appointed by the President.  Upon the unanimous approval by the Membership Committee the application shall be submitted to the Managing Board for final approval.  Upon the final approval of the Managing Board, and the payment of the initiation fee and dues for the first year, the applicant shall become a member of the Club.  No member shall be entitled to vote or hold office until he or she has been a member in good standing for at least two (2) consecutive years, or more, from effective date of current membership.  He (or she) may, however, serve on a Committee.

Section 4. Dues shall be as determined by the Managing Board.

Section 5. Dues of the Club shall be payable on the date of the January meeting.  The initiation fee for senior members shall be determined by the Managing Board.  There shall be no initiation fee for junior members.

ARTICLE X – Junior Membership

Section 1. Junior membership in the Club shall be subject to the same conditions as senior membership, except as otherwise noted in Article IX hereinbefore and with the following restrictions:

  1. No right to vote and no right or interest in the assets of the Club
  2. Consent of either parent or guardian required before admission.
  3. Use of firearms in Club activities permitted only under proper supervision.
  4. Any other limitations that the Managing Board may deem appropriate.

Section 2. Junior members shall become senior members at the annual meeting following their eighteenth birthday.

ARTICLE XI – Meetings

Section 1. The Club shall hold a meeting for its members as per published schedule.

Section 2. The Managing Board shall hold meetings for its members as often as necessary for effective operation of the Club.

Section 3. Meetings of either the Club of the Managing Board may be dispensed with by Vote of its members.  Special meetings of the Managing Board or the Club may be called upon  the request of a majority of the members of the Managing Board.

ARTICLE XII – Amendments to By-Laws

The By-Laws of the organization may be amended by vote of two-thirds of the members in good standing in attendance at any regular meeting, provided ten days’ written notice of the proposed change shall have been given to all members.

ARTICLE XIII – Delegates

Delegates or representatives to any organizations with which the Club shall be affiliated shall be designated by the Managing Board at such time or times as may seem desirable.

ARTICLE XIV – Property and Equipment

Section 1. Rules and regulations governing the use of the Club property and equipment shall be prepared by the Managing Board and a copy of same provided each member in good standing and posted at meetings and on the Club grounds.

Section 2. Any Club equipment specifically assigned to or used by any committee in its activities shall become the responsibility of the chairman of that committee; and it shall be the duty of the respective chairman to properly care for said equipment and return it to the Club upon expiration of his chairmanship.

Section 3. Each committee chairman to whom equipment is assigned under Section 2 shall further be responsible for bringing to the attention of the Managing Board such details as condition of equipment, any insurance that may be necessary on it and renewals thereof, etc., and shall supply to the Secretary of the Club such information as may be required for reports to other agencies on said equipment.

Disclaimer:  These By-Laws are posted from the most up to date version found on file with the Secretary of the Club and should not be considered official and are for informational purposes only.  Please contact the secretary for an official and up-to-date copy of the Clubs By-Laws.