About Us

The Lower Merion Rod and Gun Club (LMRGC) was founded and incorporated in 1936 by five founding fathers: Charles Chain Sr., Raymond Chain, Ernest Jenkins, Pete Meeson, and John Miller.  These five men put up the money to buy the original club grounds in King of Prussia, and then forgave that dept.

Years later, the PA Turnpike took up some of the property for the expansion of the highway, at that time King of Prussia was great hunting grounds.  We can’t see that now because King of Prussia has kept growing, and in the 1960’s the club’s managing board set out to find another property that would suit the club’s needs.  This committee went and saw many properties and narrowed it down to two.  After long discussions, once the dust had settled the board decided to purchase 63 acres from Mike Sabo in Fagleysville, PA.

There was a barn which was disposed of, and a new storage facility was built in its place.  With the help of many volunteers, heavy equipment was brought in to build the trap houses and rifle range.  Thanks to the help of Ernest Jenkins, Pete Meeson, Ray Chain, Lou Amadio, Fred Amadio, Joe Iannatta, and many other men and women, the club has become what it is today.

LMRGC is, above all else, a member-driven organization formed for the enjoyment, camaraderie, sportsmanship and promotion of the sports of trap shooting, hunting, and fishing.  The club has four state of the art trap houses, a club house, and over 100 acres of ground to be used for hunting.  Members also often organize their own hunting and fishing trips.

The club is proactively family friendly; encourages and welcomes family participation.  We hold family centered events several times a year where wives and children attend.  We have cookouts, and sessions where we teach those interested in learning how to shoot.

Our objective is to provide an environment with excellent facilities that will assure that members and guests receive a truly safe and enjoyable recreational experience.

Lower Merion Rod and Gun Club is a member of the National Rifle Association and the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs in good standing with both.  We are also active in the annual Federation Winter Trap Shooting Legaue.

During small game season the club is stocked with Pheasant and members in good standing with club hunting permits may enjoy hunting Pheasant and other small game.