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We had our November Meat Shoot on Sunday. We were shooting for Bacon. We shot 6 events and the rest of the meat went with the Sabo Shuffle. Thanks to everyone who participated. The Handicapped Spot is finished ( I think ) and we are waiting for the townships inspection. Jeff Williams,Gary White, Brian Sabo, Mike Sabo, Fred A.,Bruce McMichael, and Tom Kershner laid the blacktop and did a Great job. I wish everybody a great Thanksgiving. We all have many things to be thankful for. Please keep our sick friends in your prayers.

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Club News

We had our monthly meat shoot on Sunday and we had 7 events. We shot for Flank Steak Roasts. Bob Griffith showed up and scored and his back is coming along nicely. Jim Hickie was there and he is recovering from throat surgery and his doctor was pleased with his progress. Bill Roache was there and did some scoring and shot a round. KEEP OUR MEMBERS THAT ARE GOING THROUGH HEALTH ISSUES IN YOUR PRAYERS. We are having a Board of Director’s meeting on Wednesday evening and I hope they all can attend. There is a Federation meeting at Red Hill tonight and it starts vat 7:30 all are welcome.

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This Sunday Oct. 15 we are hosting a Meat Shoot. There is no Federation Shoot this Sunday. The Perky Valley Federation Shoot was moved back to Oct. 29 . Make sure you make a note of that. We had our Fall Outing on Sept. 30th. It was not well attended but everyone who showed up had great food and a good time. We will try to schedule this outing earlier next year and see if that is better. The Pig was GREAT and the Corn was out of this world. The league has started so if you haven’t made one yet get busy. You have to make one of the first four shoots for your scores to count for the club. Come on out it’s fun shooting at other clubs.

We have some members who are going thru some tough times so keep Karen Sabo, Ed DeLong and Jim Hickie in your prayers. Bob Griffith had his back operated on and is coming along nicely. Bill Roache will be 90 years young on Oct. 20th so when you see him let him know he is a special guy. Just don’t let your wife or girl friend get too close to him.

I want to thank Walt Newruck, Barry Walker, Gary White, Chick Chain, Ed DeLong, Bob Griffith, and Chuck Hexter for their help at the Harry Shoots and Thursday work days. We have other members who show up and help also but these guys are always there. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry.

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Fall Outing

Just a reminder to all of our members and friends that our annual fall outing will be held this coming Saturday, September 30th starting around 10am.

The outing has long been one of our great family events and this year, we expect nothing less.

While you might want to bring a table and some chairs along with some food/barbecue, we will be be having a roast pig and what is known as the best corn in the cob in the area. The traps will be open for those that want to shoot and as always, there will be opportunities for some teaching and shooting for those who are new to the sport.

There is always some great conversation, sharing of food, and plenty of laughter for all.

For those who interested, hayrides will be open to those – YOUNG & THOSE WHO THINK THEY’RE YOUNG.

Don’t miss out on the 50/50 drawing, as the take home $ always seems to be higher than the previous years.

The weather is looking GREAT, so make your plans and mark your calendars, we hope to see you next Saturday.

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Sorry I’m late. On June 25, 2017 we hosted our Annual Memorial Shoot at LMRGC. We had 19 shooters that shot the 100 bird shoot. A Class had 2 shooters with a score of 98 and they were Joe DiPollo and Mark Betzko. Class B was won by Chick Chain with a score of 91. Class C had 4 Shooters with a score of 87 and they were John L, Ray Bolton, Nick Mileg, and Joe Lawless. That meant that we went to a shoot-off. 2 shooters in C Class we not there so they forfeited. Mark Betzko , Joe DiPollo, Nick Mileg, and Joe Lawless went back up to the line for a 25 bird shoot off. Nick Mileg was a little nervous because he was shooting off against his grandfather who was also his ride home. I assured him that someone would make sure he got home safe. It was a lot of fun and here are your winners for the 2017 Memorial Shoot

Class A Mark Betzko
Class B Chick Chain
Class C Nick Mileg

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