SUNDAY 2/17/2019 MEAT SHOOT WITH BONELESS CHUCK ROAST AS THE PRIZE – Everyone is welcome & bring a friend.

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Braving the POLAR VORTEX we are experiencing, several of your club members dedicated their time and efforts to drop a large tree on the club property.

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Notice to all new members

This notice is directed to ALL NEW MEMBERS (2018-2019)

You MUST attend a orientation meeting. At this meeting we will be going over all regulations pertaining to the use of the club grounds. This will include small game and big game hunting regulations and restrictions. You will also be informed of the use of the shooting range and dog training and walking.

No new members are permitted to use the range or hunt until they have attended this meeting.

To make arrangements for a meeting you can call John Chain or Buzz Hansen.

Buzz Hansen 610-299-2963

John Chain 610-220-8060

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Here’s comes 2019 – HAPPY NEW YEAR ! !

New Year’s Eve….the LMRGC Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a Happy and “HEALTHY” 2019 !!!!!!!!!!

A couple of reminders for all members:

2019 membership dues are to be paid by January 31st – they can be paid directly to either John or Chick at the club during any event or be mailed to Buzz Hansen.

All Members are being asked to provide or re-submit their email addresses and cell phone #s to Buzz in order to update club’s records. To date, we have approximately 55 updates – needing another 60 to be complete. If you haven’t sent in your information, please email the update to

NOTE: The club’s next General Membership meeting will be Wednesday, January 16th @ 7pm. Board elections will be held during the meeting and as a reminder…your 2019 dues must be paid in order to submit your vote (Dues can be paid at the meeting).


Buzz Hansen….Secretary

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To All LMRGC Members

As 2018 draws to a close, I want to remind you that your 2019 membership dues need to be submitted by the end of January, 2019.

Also we are updating all of members’ information and this is focused on email addresses and cell phone #s. In trying to minimize our mailing expenses, we will focus on sending news letters & notices via email. In our last US Mailing of the December/January Newsletter, everyone was asked to send an email to so we could capture your correct email address…if you haven’t done so, please send the email as soon as possible.

THX…..Buzz Hansen, Secretary

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